Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


Gestapo tactics. Stalinist Black Site Prisons. Chinese water torture.  Japanese water boarding. You betcha.  All followed by a heapin pile of starvation, white light and ear shattering blaring music 24/7 for months at a time, sleep deprivation, extreme cold, extreme heat, high cuffing,  beatings, nudity, humiliation and dogs.

Nice crowd.  Your mother would be proud!

A majority of Americans once virulently supported these tactics taken directly from the Torture Chambers of the WORLD.  The menus of horror once used to train our soldiers to resist these inhuman brutal war crimes reverse engineered so that WE BECAME THE MONSTERS while “Real Americans” cheered and sold T-shirts announcing “We are ALL torturers now!”  SICK.

And then yesterday right there on The Tee Vee, ‘Darth’ Cheney shows up to proclaim he not only approved it, but ordered it be done.  (Apologies to Darth, even Vader was redeemed in the end). In one of his attempts at a revisionist history filled ‘exit interview’ with ABC News, Cheney confesses in a matter of fact way to being the Man in the Leather Mask who refused to provide a “safe word”.  Well that’s more than bad manners.  That’s DICK.  And by the way anyone who keeps a “man sized safe” in his bunker should know the rules of torture etiquette, so ignorance is no excuse.

The persona Cheney is being asked to present, folksy Western American tough guy, the guy who stands on the wall for you all night, ever vigilant, the Great Protector of all we value and love just isn’t DICK.  He doesn’t FEEL it and therefore can’t SELL it.  Rove made a sleezy attempt at it, Bush is going there too, but not The DICK. He didn’t even try a lame attempt at apple polishing The TORTURE.  There will be no incredulous claim of a “few bad apples” or folksy nostalgia for the good old days of Shock and Awe style murder.  Nope…Cheney sits with his snarl and quiet crypt keeper persona as if he dares you to call him what he is, a Sociopathic Killer.

His horrid reality of evil and ugly was brought under the harsh lights of an ABC News set and illuminated his dark side.  Watching him was like being awake during surgery.  He didn’t even pretend to be remorseful.  He can’t FEEL remorse.  He is sneering and “Penguin like” right to the end.

These men who wielded great power have been the most hideous caretakers of American morality while proclaiming that they were after all the MOST moral, most American, most protective of all living things.  HA!

Our reputation, our morals, our very souls were stolen in a 7 year long torture campaign.  The earnest efforts of this country to protect combatants once off the field of battle shattered.  So I ask you, what do we stand for if not human rights and our natural horror when confronted with War Crimes?  Our decency is gone.  Our country is broken.

Broken by a pasty overweight self indulgent white guy named Dick!  With a gleam in his eye no less and pride in his voice he proclaims that yes HE was the “man” who signed off on torture, um ‘aggressive interrogation’ at Gitmo & elsewhere.  DICK!  With a curling of the thin sinister lip he let’s us all in on the ruse, “I’m the guy who helped hurl the Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave into the same club as the Third Reich, Mao’s Chi-Coms, Tojo’s Japan, Saddam’s Iraq, Stalin’s gulags. And so what?

It would be nice to sit here and think ‘Thank God he’s leaving.  He’ll be consigned to history’s dustbin’ and we won’t have to deal with this anymore.  But the damage is done and we have to repair it.  And the brutality isn’t quite over yet either.

Word comes today from across the oceans that did not protect our reputation in the world, that in Iraq, a country we liberated by sacrificing a Trillion dollars the lives of over 4,000 of our own and likely 1 Million Iraqi civilians, that the beatings and breaking of bones continues.  Was it a suicide bomber?  An armed gunman shooting up a pizza parlor? A member of Al Qaeda?  Uhh, no.  A working Iraqi journalist who expelled his rage at the slaughter of his countrymen, chucked a shoe, ok two shoes at The American Liberator himself, “W”. Mr. Zaidi was taken into custody where he was promptly beaten within an inch of his life, arms broken, ribs smashed, internal bleeding the Full Monty

Bush says he “doesn’t know his status” and then adds “They shouldn’t go overboard”.  I can’t wait to throw HIM overboard into the Oceans!

See that’s the power of the Dark Side.  It makes you chose a side.  I have to fight each day not to become what I despise.  It’s tempting though.  So might I suggest a War Crimes Inquiry begin in the 111th Congress?  Maybe then we can wipe the blood stains off our beloved United States of America and begin to regain our soul?
Homework for Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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