This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is withdrawing his nomination to be commerce secretary, citing the distraction of a federal investigation into ties to a company that has done business with his state. The investigation involves a California company that won municipal bond business in New Mexico after contributing money to various Richardson causes.

A state election board today will announce Democrat Al Franken has defeated GOP incumbent Norm Coleman by 225 votes in Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race, state officials say. Coleman’s campaign contends the recount should have included about 650 absentee ballots that were improperly rejected in the initial count and they’ve indicated it will challenge the certification.

Israeli forces consolidated their hold on parts of Gaza’s north today, pounding the territory from the air, land, and sea and killing at least seven children and six other civilians in a bruising campaign against Hamas militants. Israel says it will continue until it has achieved “peace and tranquility” for residents of southern Israel who continued to be bombarded by Palestinian rocket fire.

Senate Dem leaders have scheduled a meeting for Wednesday with Roland Burris, who was chosen by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to fill the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Obama. Senate Dems have vowed to prevent Burris from taking his seat.

President-elect Barack Obama has tapped Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to serve as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, replacing former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. Kaine will serve on a part-time basis until his term as governor expires in a year.


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  1. it’s interesting how Blagojevich seems so unaffected by all the chaos swirling around him; it’s as if he feels right at home…

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