Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


I guess we had a fool’s hope that somehow when 2009 actually arrived, when 2008 was officially history, when the ball had dropped and Kathy Griffin told her “dick joke” on CNN, we would have some cleansing moment of clarity and begin The Change.

But we woke up on New Years day with the same horror show, The Bush Administration still in place.  Stuck in time.  Unable to move forward.  Firmly planted in the mess and mung.

Nope, the dire economic numbers won’t yet go away and today Obama informs us that it’s so bad that even he can’t be sure that the numbers can or will change anytime soon.  He does vow to give it the ol’ George Mason University College try however and this is at least a beginning.

As Margo Channing said in All About Eve “Fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy evening” or bumpy year, years?  Whatever.  It’s right about now that I wish I had a Delorean that could go 88 Miles an hour Back to the Future and change the course of the past 8 years, but that is not to be.

Happy New Year!

Unemployment figures are horrid. Malls are closing, stores are holding “Everything Must Go Going out of Business Sales”, we are in the eye of the Foreclosure Hurricane and the President-Elect talks nearly everyday about the Economy and his plan while no one listens.  Obama uses words like “deficit” and ‘trillion’ a lot.  He’s also uses “infrastructure projects” and “new grids” and “clean alternative energy in every corner of our Nation”, “Reinvestment” and “The American Dream”.  BREATHE!

But for cleansing clarity look to Larry Flynt to illuminate the grave conditions we are operating in.  Flynt is asking for a bailout for the Adult Entertainment Industry. Times are HARD when the Great American Pastime is in jeopardy!

So we find ourselves in an all too familiar position at the open of 2009.  Scary numbers, 101Ks becoming NONE O1Ks, lack of decent health care, three wars raging, wages tanking, over 600,000 jobs lost in December alone.

Still I hope for action, and try to trust in new thinking.

Meanwhile The Media finds itself in one of their favorite places – covering scandal and the circular firing squad that is the modern Democratic Party. The soap opera starring Roland Burris runs on daytime TV all day every day making fools of way more people than just Rod Blagojevich.  Sad that such a sordid, minor character in the grand scheme of a gigantic national economic crisis can rob so many of our focus.  People who desperately needed credibility at this time lost it to one corrupt but skillful Governor who tried to sell The President-Elect’s Senate seat while we twist in the wind trying to heat our homes, feed our kids, take care of our sick parents and find a job.

The petty tunnel vision of local politics, agendas and Washington insider power plays sidetracks what HAS to be center stage today and everyday going forward in this New Year, a laser sharp focus on the effort to save our nation from economic Armageddon.

Screw the stilted, selfish efforts of the past few months to bankrupt American Manufacturing, tear apart Organized Labor, put 700 Billion of taxpayer dollars on the line for the enjoyment of the very banks and institutions who made liar loans and sold them on the open market as Triple A Rated Securities causing the fastest most powerful global meltdown in History.  Let’s move forward with stealth and precision and focus HARD. Perhaps kill two birds with one stone and help out Larry Flynt too.

This is the future.  As President-Elect Obama said this is “the fierce urgency of NOW”.

Homework for Thursday, January 08, 2009


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