Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


Please run head-down straight into a cinderblock wall a few dozen times, or at least as long as it takes you to destroy that part of your brain holding memories from the past eight years if you are indeed still a Republican in the 21st Century!

Boehner. McConnell. Limbaugh. Hannity. Just some of the blowhards on the Ridiculous Right who have suddenly had lobotomies and forgot the Trillions of dollars they advocated spending on Tax Cuts for the richest Americans in a time of Pre Emptive War and Occupation of an unarmed Nation paid for OFF BUDGET in “Emergency Supplementals”.

The clueless and apparently memory challenged ones (liars) have all of a sudden decided that they’re now Deficit Hawks!  Big Deficit Hawks.  They’d like you to forget how they supported the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy which never trickled down to us, but gypped the Treasury out of Billions from both their Corporate Masters and the “have mores” in Wartime no less.  Oh and would you please forget the war too?  Please just never ever bring up the Trillion dollar misadventure through the sands of Iraq they scared you into by questioning your Patriotism and promising you that in 6 months Baghdad would be safe for Applebee’s, Wal Mart and Democracy!

And they certainly don’t want you remembering that they were in charge of a criminally unregulated “Free Market” Economy, which has caused 7 Trillion to “poof” disappear into the ether of funny money and caused a massive mortgage meltdown.  Hahahaha…ha..ha, OY.

Yes conservatives will now do a 180 and be the Hawks on the Hill.  Expect a lot of criticism of Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular for the cost of his Economic Recovery Package.  Never mind that to do nothing would lead us into another Great Depression!  Never mind that he’s returned us to what works – Keynesian Economics that says INVEST IN AMERICA first and make sure consumers have JOBS if you want a robust economy!    Nevermind that for every dollar we invest we get back TWO.  Nope ignore the truth and tear things apart, because that’s who they are and what they do.  Think “Tweekers” who take things apart but can’t put them back together.

True we’ve adopted some of their cherished concepts, like tax cuts albeit for the Middle Class this time, spending reductions and something they said they were for but never enacted, EAR MARK REFORM. But they’ll attack because of where we sit, not where we stand.

When you grasp the numbers involved in Obama’s plan, remember what you’re getting for your tax payer dollars. New schools packed with new technology, energy alternatives,  retraining of workers, fuel efficient solar and wind technologies, a modernized grid to carry it all, which means massive job creation!  Not to mention repair of crumbling highways, bridges, levees, and most of our antiquated infrastructure. Money to retrofit existing government buildings so that the world’s largest landlord (The US Government) will have greener more fuel efficient properties, saving energy, money and protecting our National Security by ending our dependence on Foreign Oil.

American money invested in American jobs, the kind that can’t be outsourced, or liquidated in a boardroom of some foreign company is exactly how America became the enby of the world in the first place.  This is a REAL RECOVERY Package that creates things instead of breaking things like Iraq and your back.

Obama’s plan is the right plan because it benefits every citizen, every day.  This is a 180 from the ‘trickle down’ mess that didn’t add one single high paying job unless you were Bernie Madoff and how’d that work out?

The Right didn’t skip a beat in their utter hypocrisy.  Beware of the sanctimonious hand wringing and the finger pointing coming our way.   Just remember to wave the past eight years back at them and use the right finger to respond.

Homework for Friday, January 09, 2009


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