Today On The Ed Schultz Show

Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-MD, joins the show to talk about how they will fund children’s health insurance, in spite of the deficit.

A Republican Senator is looking to block second half of the $700 billion financial rescue package. We’ll bring you the details.

Even if you’ve lost your job or are being foreclosed, you can’t ignore the IRS. We’ll give you some do’s and don’ts.


One Response

  1. On today’s show (1/13) Ed Schultz went on and on about the so-called “tax problems” of President Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary. He sounded so much like Rush Limbaugh that I finally had to turn the station off.

    Is Ed Schultz such a saint that he’s never been audited, has always gotten his taxes perfect? Never made an error? What’s more when the IRS calls you for an audit, does he assume that the IRS is right and you are wrong?

    I am a very, very, very law-abiding and conscientious taxpayer who doesn’t use accountants much any more because when I did, one screwed up and I wound up owing $20,000. I had an arguable case, but you can’t fight these things unless you’re a millionaire because tax attornies cost a fortune.

    Ed Schultz has ABSOLUTELY NO idea what happened. He is not privy to this man’s tax records and the whole issue has nothing at all to do with the appointee’s fitness to be Treasury Secretary. Schultz, who I’m beginning to think is a closet right-wing nutter, even dared to compare this man to Bill Richardson (a man I personally think is a great guy but who, alas, probably did have something to do with pay-to-play in New Mexico).

    Only the Democrats could outdo the far right in dumping on their own.

    Tell Schultz from me to CUT IT OUT!!!!

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