Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


The pen is mightier…..than the waterboard.

With one scribble of his name, the President Of The United States takes America out of the torture business. Executive orders today with begin the process of closing ‘Camp X Ray’ and the ‘Detainee Center’ at Guantanamo, Cuba, the infamous tropical getaway from due process and equal justice. Today the President lets the leases expire on forlorn basements & nondescript warehouses around the world where the CIA asked their questions, away from the light of civility.

There is much from the Bush-led past that makes good people here and everywhere cringe, but the interrogations visited upon inmates in American custody, be they guilty or innocent, were possibly the most glaring shame, the putrid, odorous wound in the skin of the face of ‘freedom’ we have shown the world for over 238 years. The mere fact that Barack Obama, with all the crisis and quandries he’s plagued with, addressed this issue foremost and fastest should highlight the seriousness by which this black eye has hurt us, hurt our standing in the world, thinned out our claim to be a guardian of liberty and freedom as we enter the new century.

And there is much from the Bush-led past that will continue to make good people cringe…and angry. By the sheer volume of toxic dirt that we uncovered when the man and his minions were still in office, we could only expect that the amount of jaw-dropping, infuriating revelations about his agendas and tactics would find the light of day after he was gone. And it didn’t take long. Now a former National Security Agency analyst has stepped forward to tell us the scope of the Bush Era’s fetish with violating our privacy and the laws that protect it was beyond anything even we could imagine. Your phone. Your computer. Your email. We guessed it. He confirmed it. Nothing was between you & your confidants. Nothing. And this is not some spy thriller, or Jerry Bruckheimer movie. This was real. They were watching. They were listening. Everything. All the time.

Like a pedestrian watching a video replay of how close he came to the speeding bus turning him into mush, we can wonder, in rage, in doubt….but, in some small way at least, considering the damage visited upon our values, in relief as well. In the knowledge that the man with the pen is Barack Obama. And he’s President now. He took the oath (twice). No doubts. No questions.

He’ll make it right.

Homework for Thursday, January 22, 2009


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