Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


President Obama has come in like a freight train with a big white light on the cab.  He’s going to need it if he’s going to make it out of the dark dank tunnel we’ve been traveling through for too long.

The War on Terror as we knew it came to an end with a simple left handed signature on an Executive Order.  OVER.  There will be no torture, rendition or black site prisons holding people without charge.  There will be no shadow government operating in secret.

There will be investment in America and Americans.  We will do Stem Cell Research for Spinal Cord injuries.  We will have open government.  We will rebuild our infrastructure creating millions of new jobs along the way.  We will open our books and allow transparency and Freedom of Information will prevail.  There will also be a new focus on Americans.  We The People will finally have a place at our own table.  It’s an exciting time to be a Progressive.  We are rebuilding our country piece by piece.  We can finally claim with a fair amount of honesty that Freedom IS on the march.  How do you like that!?

So today with great pride I want you to learn another not so famous name.  A name you should know and discuss with a great deal of admiration and respect:  Learn about Russell Tice.  Russell Tice is not a household name, and there will be no mixed media art dedicated to this man, but Russell Tice is a hero, an unlikely hero,  but a hero nevertheless.

Russell Tice is a former National Security Agency analyst who has been blowing the whistle on the hard charging Bush assault on our privacy rights.  Our Constitutional guarantee to privacy in our own homes and papers came under attack.  Some of us were actually captured and inspected and listed and smeared.   For 8 horrid years The Bush Administration has been destroying the reputations of certain Americans they found inconvenient.  Reputations, access to information and the ability to work was taken from them simply by invading their privacy.  The Government of The United States had no right to attack its own people in this manner and yet it was done.

Russell Tice spoke out about Warrantless Wiretapping while it was taking place and for this he was terminated, fired and silenced himself.  All Mr. Tice was doing was his Constitutional duty.  At long last we are able to separate the REAL Patriots from the subversives.  Russell Tice is a man of principal, character and has a deeper love for this country than anyone in the Bush Administration ever had.

Using his extraordinary level of skill and intellect Russell Tice was tasked with finding needles in haystacks to protect Americans from the kind of person who would visit another 9/11 upon us or even something more “spectacular”  He took this task seriously and tireless toiled for our benefit.  In the process of conducting wiretaps and sorting through mountains of Meta Data Mr. Tice realized he was being used to destroy the very people he believed he was protecting.  Yes there came a day at the office for Mr. Tice when he realized that black was white, up was down and he had gone through the looking glass.   The type and amount of data being intercepted, and hand analyzed went far beyond the profile of a would be evil doer.  He was being forced to collect the private conversations, emails, faxes of Journalists.  The US Government was tracking every move of some American Journalists.  Russell Tice found himself part of a hit job on the Fourth Estate.  Your right to know quashed by blackmail.  For Americans information is the coin of the realm and Russell Tice knew he was part of a stick up.

So he spoke up and spoke out.  For this he was retaliated against, marginalized, almost criminalized.  He was accused of making Americans LESS safe.  His Patriotism put in doubt.  What a load of hypocrisy this man has endured for the benefit of all of us.

Last week belonged to Barack Obama. This week might belong to Russell Tice, for it’s his words that remind us, despite the hopeful new world we’re seeing created before our eyes that without Justice there is no America.  Some people sadly wish to just let the ugliness of a lawless 8 years fade.   The claim that it’s all too complicated, too cumbersome and too 2003-2008 is bunk.  To turn a page without reading it first is stupid and dangerous.  Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it and this is one re-run that our children should never see.   Some do not yet GET that you can’t build a democracy on rotted planks without having it crumble once again.

Fortunately, there’s a small group of very powerful patriotic public servants who are NOT willing to let bygones be bygones. And there’s Russell Tice. A man who could not bear witness to the crimes of the Bush Administration in silence so he risked himself and his job so we would know.  Hardly anyone outside of Progressive Media cared to memorialize his sacrifice or the information he brought to light.  But the room is getting brighter as thousands of points of light become the illumination that will lead us out of the darkness, the shadows.    Welcome to a new era of illumination and thank the tiny beacons of light that pierced the darkness long before it was safe to do so along with President Obama’s freight train.

We are coming out of the dark.  Let your eyes adjust.

Homework for Monday, January 26, 2009


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