Today On The Ron Reagan Show

3:15 Are Obama’s little trip ups working against
him and strengthening the Republicans?

John Nichols  – Political Writer for the Nation

3:30 Your calls – Was President Obama’s apology regarding the appointment of Tom Daschle Health Secretary-designate necessary?

4:00 A single mother of SIX gave birth to OCTOPULETS last week – yep that’s 8 babies – she did it with invitro fertilization – is this ethical?     
Arthur Caplan director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania has an opinion.


One Response

  1. On the subject of having kids, I think there needs to be all kinds of regulations for ALL kids and parents. We require a license to drive a car but any idiot can pop out unlimited quantities of children. Being a parent is far more challenging than driving and lives hang in the balance to a greater degree.

    One of my favorite sci fi concepts had a future earth where the entire population had been hit with an HIV type retrovirus that left the world sterile. Medical science came up with a way to reverse it but to have it done you had to really jump through hoops, show you were capable and reliable and had to take parenting classes before any doctor would allow you to have children. There would be no such thing as an accident or people like this woman having 14 children when she appears to have some severe mental problems.

    We are only a few years away from the beginning of the Population Wars (likely to start in India or China), last thing we need is IVF. There are lots of kids around the world who need adoption, when they all have good homes we can think using IVF.

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