This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

The Senate is poised to pass a compromise $827 billion version of the economic stimulus bill as soon as tomorrow. The legislation would have to be reconciled with the very different $819 billion version already approved by the house.

In an effort to build support for his signature economic stimulus plan, President Obama is setting off for Indiana today, holding his first prime-time news conference tonight and heading to Florida tomorrow. In both states, he will be working to counter GOP criticism of his jobs creation package and take greater control of the debate.

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama), the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, warned yesterday that Obama’s jobs creation effort will lead to “financial disaster.” He added that America will “pay dearly.”

Vice President Joe Biden emphasized a “new tone” in Washington and around the world as he delivered his first major speech Saturday in Munich, Germany. He told delegates at a security conference that the U.S. will work “preventatively, not pre-emptively” whenever possible to avoid conflict, and will at the same time “vigorously defend” the nation’s security.

Todd Palin and nine aides were found in contempt Friday by the Alaska Senate for failing to appear to testify in the Legislature’s “troopergate” investigation of his wife, Gov. Sarah Palin. But a Senate resolution said no one should be punished because the 10 did submit statements to the investigator.


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  1. I keep waiting for some of you to reply to the Mississippi shit-wad senator and his commentary that was on NPR last week. The interviewer asked some rather centrist questions about the need for Mississippi to have federal money for infrastructure and general spreading of the wealth etc. Sen SW replied in the affirmitive that it would generate jobs and stability and rebuild the massive destruction of the huge storm of several years back name of Katrina. When asked the same question but on a national scale, the shitbag did the usual republifuck 180 degree turn and spewed the usual hate and lies. I can only imagine the review of the tape later and spewing coffee out the nose when the interviewer and friends were relating what the asshole was saying.

    Wait, only nine years and some months until GWB’s security detail parts company with him. I have a date at the tattoo parlor for the creep. All the names of the dead in Iraq will do for a start. I was informed that if I carved the names into his skin with a rusty beer can opener it might be viewed as some sort of torture. I think we might get a fund started for the tats, eh?

    Craig, a very bitter Vietnam Veteran.

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