This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

President Obama today will submit his $3.6 trillion budget request outline to Congress, a budget he describes as “a vision for America… a blueprint for our future.” Lawmakers will then tussle over how he plans to pay for all the initiatives he has proposed while cutting in half the annual deficit he inherited by 2013.

President Obama will ask Congress for more than $200 billion to fund U.S. war efforts for the next year and a half, according to defense officials. The request will be for 75.5 billion for 2009 to cover the cost of sending more troops to Afghanistan this year and an additional $130 billion for the rest of fiscal 2009.

President Obama will ask wealthy Americans to deal with a tax increase and pay higher Medicare premiums to help fund a $634 billion health care “reserve fund” aimed at reforming the system by cutting costs and trying to deal with the 46 million Americans without health insurance. Officials admit that this money is “only a start.”

Insane. Childish. Disaster. And those were some of the kindest comments from both Dems and GOPers in reference to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s response to President Obama’s address Tuesday night. Critics panned his overly folksy demeanor and drew comparisons to Kenneth Parcell, the geeky page on “30 Rock.”

President Obama last night thanked musician Stevie Wonder at the White House last night for creating “a style that’s uniquely American” as he presented the singer-songwriter the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize, the nation’s highest award for pop music.


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