This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA), Vice Chair of the House Budget Committee, calls in at 7:30am to talk about President Obama’s budget goals.

The Obama administration will release guidelines today to help lending institutions figure out which homeowners are most in need of help to stave off foreclosure. The guidelines will include tests to help banks figure out whether individual homeowners who are “underwater” can be saved by Obama’s $75 billion loan modification program.

President Obama said yesterday that the country already is “seeing shovels hit the ground” on the first infrastructure repair project funded through the Transportation Department’s share of the $787 billion stimulus bill. Work began in Montgomery County, Maryland on resurfacing Maryland State Highway 650.

President Obama yesterday overturned a last-minute Bush administration regulation that many environmentalists claim weakened the Endangered Species Act. The regulation made it easier for federal agencies to skip consultations with government scientists before launching projects that could affect endangered wildlife.

Democrats plan to launch a website today that mocks GOP leaders for apologizing to radio host Rush Limbaugh for criticizing or publicly disagreeing with him. It will allow visitors to mockingly create an apology on behalf of people who have crossed Rush. You can find the website here!!!


One Response

  1. Sounds like he is on “hillbilly heroin” again, somebody
    please put him out of his misery. This is the republican america he and “W.” wanted. What is the problem? Out-of-control costs, government, labor,
    bussiness is the republican mantra

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