This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

White House officials and some members of Congress reacted strongly yesterday to news that insurance giant AIG had intended to pay out $165 million in bonuses and compensation. The company has received at least $170 billion in federal bailout money. Under pressure from the Treasury, AIG scaled back the bonuses by at least 30%. That did little to temper outrage.

America’s recession will “probably” end this year if the government succeeds in bolstering the banking system, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said yesterday in a rare television interview. He admitted, however, that recovery hinges on getting banks to lend more freely again and getting the financial markets to work more normally.

President Obama will today announce a broad package of measures from the stimulus plan that will be used to immediately provide billions of dollars in federal lending aid aimed at struggling small business owners.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that President Obama is making critical national security choices that make the American people less safe. In a television interview yesterday, Cheney said Obama is making some choices that “will in fact raise the risk to the American people of another attack.”

Ron Silver, who won a Tony for his role in “Speed-the-Plow” and an Emmy nomination for his work in “The West Wing” died yesterday. He was 62 and had been fighting esophageal cancer for two years.


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