Today On The Thom Hartmann Show

Hour One – The Best of the Rest of the News

Hour Two – Roy Speckhardt  Topic: Will Pres. Obama endorse discrimination against atheists?

Hour Three – Susan Lindauer – one of the first citizens charged under special judicial provisions of the Patriot Act. She’ll explain to Thom how the Patriot Act was used to quash her most fundamental rights of due process.

News under the Radar with Christy Harvey


One Response

  1. Was just remembering how the founding fathers justified slavery as their means to establishing wealth.

    The demise of the middle class, unions, health care, rediculous minimum wage, being held hostage by those who manipulate our economy, and so much more, has essentially created a class of slaves in this country, who toil to stay alive in order to support the few in this counrty who manage to thrive; not only in our own country, but world wide…

    It is beginning to sound like the world would like to see us remain slaves by calling us potectionists, and the right wing of our own country would like to keep this status quo as well, by creating an unstable economic and social climate, then calling the changes we seek, socialistic.

    It makes no sense.

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