Today On The Ed Schultz Show

Ed Schultz broadcasts from WWRL 1600 AM in New York City.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, joins the 2nd hour of Today’s show to discuss the votes on the budget.

The group of 20 get to work at the crisis summit. We’ll bring you the latest.

The House and Senate are ready to pass a pared back Obama budget. We’ll give you the details.

And, of course, Ed discusses his appearance on Countdown where he announced his new television show on MSNBC.


One Response

  1. I am thrilled Big Ed will have his own TV show

    Todays New York Times: China to be world leader making electric car in 3 years!

    Big Ed needs to blast our leaders for this not being America’s headline.

    Why can’t America lead the world in something other than Arms manufacture and making war?

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