This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

Eric Burns, President of Media Matters for America, calls in at 7:30am to talk about Fox News’ ongoing paranoia about President Obama, and Fox’ “Tea Parties” next week.

Angela V. Shelton and Frances Callier (Frangela) join us in studio at 8:30am for another edition of Fridays with Frangela!

The Obama administration will ask Congress for another $83.4 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of September. The supplemental spending bill (outside the budget) is likely to be the last such request submitted to Congress to pay for the wars. Obama began including war spending in his 2010 budget.

President Obama yesterday urged families to take advantage of near-record low mortgage rates by refinancing their home loans. He said that there are 7 to 9 million people across the country who could take advantage of lower rates and that it would be “money in their pocket.”

Somali pirates holding an American hostage on a drifting lifeboat vowed today to fight any attack by U.S. naval forces stalking them at high sea. “We’re not afraid of the Americans… we will defend ourselves if attacked,” one of the pirates told Reuters.

Ten priests from the order that founded the University of Notre Dame say the school risks its “true soul” and could distance itself from the Catholic Church by inviting President Obama to campus next month.


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