This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

GOP Strategist Rich Galen of calls in at 7:05am to talk about Obama’s new dog, the Somali pirate situation, and the economy.

Liberal columnist for Newsday and Fox News contributor Ellis Henican calls in at 8:30am to talk about Obama’s handling of the Somali pirate situation, the economy, and other news of the day.

Undeterred by U.S. and French hostage rescues that killed seven bandits, Somali pirates brazenly hijacked three more ships in the Gulf of Aden, the key waterway that’s become the focal point of the world’s fight against piracy.

Assailants fired mortar shells at Mogadishu Airport in Somalia as a plane carrying U.S. Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ) took off yesterday. The plane departed safely, but 19 Somalis from surrounding residential areas were reported injured.

North Korea vowed today to restore its nuclear facilities and boycott international talks on its atomic weapons program to protest the U.N. Security Council’s condemnation of the country’s rocket launch.

President Obama began to allow Americans to make unlimited trips and money transfers to family in Cuba and eased other restrictions yesterday, ushering in a new era of openness toward the island nation ruled by communists for 50 years.


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  1. Why isn’t Dashle and the other cabinet noms owing back taxes in jail? Or at these the courts? Why isn;t Fiesetein in jail for Treason for disclosing state secerts about Pakistan? Why didn’t President Obama and Franks and Dodd give back their AIG campaign contribution? Why isn’t the fairness doctrine considering the media for topic and content?

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