Today On The Thom Hartmann Show

Topic: “Torture and Democracy” Dr. Darius Rejali, nationally recognized expert on torture and interrogation, joins Thom for an indepth discussion

Topic: “Obama’s foreign policy…back to the future?” Thom confronts conservative columnist Michael Barone

Topic: “Worse than Watergate” John Dean, former White House Counsel under Nixon, joins Thom to discuss the Bush torture memos and prosecution for those involved


One Response

  1. Dead US prisoners direct consequence of Bush/Cheney Torture policy.

    All of our prisoners in Iraq before Abu Gharib released unharmed within
    four days.
    After Abu Gharib photos released, all US prisoners killed.

    Source Peter Elliot show. Reported by the psychologist who wrote letter
    to American Psychological Association
    denouncing the change in their Ethics Code to allow participation in
    torture. He worked directly in this area
    in Iraq prior and beyond Abu Gharib. He mentioned it as an aside.

    Obvious question to ask, especially when I hear right wing morons say
    “They are killing
    our prisoners so why can’t we kill and torture the prisoners at Gitmo?”

    Only possible conclusion; Bush’s torture policy directly led to the
    torture and killing of our prisoners.
    As an ex Marine, I must conclude Bush/Cheney directly murdered our
    soldiers by their illegal actions.

    I expect Thom to verify and report this FACT.

    Also described article on my site about this issue. :

    Dan Alter

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