Today On The Thom Hartmann Show

Topic: “What is up with Republicans these days?” Thom mixes it up with conservative activist/columnist/commentator Princella Smith

Topic: “Climate change…is the right covering up the real news?” Thom confronts Stephen Hayward of the Pacific Research Institute

Topic: “Thought crimes bill damages religious freedom in America…what?!” Thom challenges Congressman Steve King (R-IA) about hate crimes legislation


One Response

  1. Thom, I generally agree with you , but today when you talked about President Obama refusing to release the “torture photos”, I have to speak up. I believe he is doing the right thing. What good can possibly come of those photos being seen by the public? We’ve seen enough of those horrible, disgusting photos, already. The enemy doesn’t need more reasons to hate the United States! The photos will be used by the appropriate people to bring charges against those who did the torturing. They are the only ones who need to see them! It isn’t as if President Obama is going against his word, to bring transparency to the Whitehouse, he’s doing what is best for our country.

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