This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

Roseanne Barr calls in at 7:30am to talk about her event in Los Angeles tonight, “CIA Mind Control: Out of the Darkness, Into the Light.”

Comedian Hal Sparks joins us in studio at 8am to hang out and talk about the news of the day.

In Dresden, Germany today, President Obama called for a redoubling of efforts toward separate Israeli and Palestinian states, saying “the moment is now for us to act.” He announced he was sending special envoy George Mitchell back to the region next week to follow up on the president’s speech in Cairo a day earlier in which he called for both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to give ground in the longtime standoff toward the elusive goal of peace in the Middle East.

The main themes of President Obama’s speech in Cairo resonated well with Palestinian and Israeli officials, while a Jewish settlers’ group – upset that Obama spoke against settlement activity – found problems with the speech, and others, like a Hamas official, expressed mixed or negative views.

President Obama’s speech to the Muslim world yesterday faced mixed reaction abroad – and a very clear directive at home from Republicans and conservatives: the United States cannot ruin its relationship with Israel.

The body of American actor David Carradine was found in a hotel room closet with ropes tied to his neck and genitals, and his death may have been accidental suffocation, Thai police said today.


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