Today On The Ed Schultz Show

Big Eddie holds a Town Hall Meeting in Buffalo, NY for the 1st and 2nd hour of Today’s show.

Norman Goldman fills in for Big Eddie for the 3rd hour of Today’s show.

President Obama speaks to Doctors about health care reform. We’ll bring you the latest.

CIA Director Leon Panetta says Dick Cheney is almost wishing for the US be attacked. We’ll talk about it.


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  1. Please update your leave a reply to say e-mail and not just mail. I wrote a lengthy messege on why we need to take health care out of the job market, and it all went away, because I had my mailing address and not an e-mail address.
    We need to take health care out of the job market to rebound from the recession, give working people better access to regular and full time jobs, and help people that would otherwise have to go bankrupt from medical bills.
    My experience as a clerk in a retail department store (K-Mart) is that most of the workers are part time so that the business will not be expected to give them health insurance. I worked for two and a half years part time, and had no full time job in sight. I also worked through a temporary agency at a business that is very wealthy (Nintendo) and could have afforded to give benefits, but chose to cycle through the temporaries to not to have to hire them and give benefits. Work six months, laid off a month, work six more months, etc… Why do they do this? In my opinion, so that the company would have more money to give the CEO as a bonus for reducing costs, and the shareholders would have more profits. Very unmotivating for the worker, second class citizen. I worked for my last employer in a small business for 5 and a half years, but they could not afford benefits, they could hardly afford a raise. At least I wasn’t a second class worker. I now work where I get medical benefits, but our deductable is 1500 dollars. My company at least pays the first 750 of the deductable, and I am grateful for it. I also purchase health insurance for my husband for 300 dollars a month, since he is now working for a small business that cannot afford health insurance. It is an exciting job for solar power converter equipment named Midnite Solar.
    I wish you the best for all of your efforts to help our great nation rebound from the recession, by encouraging businesses to hire more regular, and full time workers, by taking health care out of the workplace.
    Sharon Andrews

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