This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

Snyder Rep. Vic Snyder (D-Ark.) calls in at 6:05am to talk about health care reform.

andrews Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) calls in at 6:33am to talk about health care reform.

The Obama administration is planning to push for new sanctions against Iran, targeting its energy, financial, and telecommunications sectors if it does not comply with international demands to come clean about its nuclear program, according to U.S. officials.

The Senate Finance Committee today is expected to consider whether the government should offer its own insurance plan for the middle class in competition with private carriers. A public option is the top goal for Liberals, but it has no GOP support and moderate Dems say the Senate will never go along.

In two cases, judges appointed by GOP presidents have refused at an early stage to dismiss lawsuits against former Attorney General John Ashcroft and former Justice Department official John Yoo. The lawsuits stem from law enforcement and intelligence efforts after 9/11

The U.S. Secret Service is investigating a survey on Facebook that asked whether people thought President Obama should be assassinated. The poll was taken off the site quickly after Facebook officials were alerted to its existence.


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