Today On The Thom Hartmann Show

banking images Hour One: Is Joe Lieberman a traitor to the Democratic Party and the average American or merely s shill for big pharma and big banking?

Hour Two: “Too Big To Fail” New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin talks with Thom never before disclosed details of the financial crisis

Hour Three: “Will the Republicans take their party back before the right wing extremists destroy America?” Thom challenges Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute


2 Responses

  1. Hello I am a Native American. I have no health insurance and relly upon Indian Health Services for care. This is how bad it is. Since I do not live on the Puyallup Indian Reservation ( I live just about a mile and a quarter outside the boundry) I only can recieve care at the Puyallup run health care facillity. Say if like f=four months ago I went to the emergeny room with a possible heart attack Indain Health Services and the Puyallup Tribe will not pay for that visit. I was diagnosed with a Ten percent blockage and was tgen released after ten hours. Becuase I have no health insurance and Indian Health Services do not cover me all test that they wanted to do before I left was cancelled and was sent home. When I saw my Doctor at the Puyallup Tribe they just blew me of because I am not intitled to any thing other than care at there Medical facility. So I sit here with a diagnosed heart blockage and no were to get care. Now here is the but, I a commit fraud by the advce of one of the care works and use someones address that lives in side the boundries of the Puyallup tribe I would be able to get the full coverage I need, Such as being sent to a heart specialist to have a heart stress test and a angiogram to determine the extent of the blockage. So the Tribe and Indian Health Services have the funds to cover all my health care needs if I do this but not when I do the right thing and not commit and act of fraud by the the advice of the health care worker at the tribe,

  2. Hey as a Native American who by Congressional decree an treaties with the same I am suposed to be intitled to health care coverage. What a jock the only way to get said coverage is if I live on a reservation 40 plus miles out in the Cascade Moutians of the Northwest. I choose to live in Tacoma for the fact there are no jobs any were near my reservation. I have bbeen looking for a job for close to 15 months in my field I am a qualified Sous Chef. No one is hiring so I have had no health care for almost two years. Hang on I do get Health care through the Puyallup Tribe but that is only at their facility. Say if I have to go to an Emergency room I am on the hook for the bill unless I commit fraud and lie and say I laive inside the Puyallup Reservation. All I have to do is have a phone number at some ones house on the reservation and have it billed to that address. Since I can not afford to move the 1.5 miles to live inside said reservation this is my only opption. Since I am not into committing fraud I am on the hook for $17,000.00 dollars of hospital bills. One for steroid induced diabetis $14,000.00 for four days of Hospital bills , and $3,000.00 for a mild heart attack with a diagnosed 10 percent blockage. Because I have no health insurance the heart attack stay was only 14 hours, the dcotors wanted to do stress tests and a angiogram but they released me instead becuase the Puyallup Tribee, my Tribe Sauk-Suiattle Tribe nor the Indian Health Services would not pay so they sent me home.
    I saw the doctor at the Puyallup Tribe and told them about what happened and they could not or would not do anything to see what damage was done to my heart or prescribe any treatment. I have talk with Rep. Norm Dicks ofice as well as Rep Adam Siths Office who is the Rep for the district that represents the Puyallup Tribe. Adam Smith aide told me that he only deals with the Tribe not individuals so quit calling his office. Norm dicks office did not say that but was not very intersted in helping me with my problems other than say when health care reform comes through I would not have to worry about it any more. From the Legislration I have seen it will not go into effect until 20013 so were is the help. If my heart is damaged by ten percent and with the diabetis I now suffer from I may not live tose this suposed Health Care reform.

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