Today On The Norman Goldmann Show

Justice is served on former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee today. He commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons, who was killed by police this morning in Seattle, after a long manhunt, in the aftermath of the murders of the four police officers in Washington State. We interview Larry Jegley, an Arkansas prosecutor who was warning of these criminal releases, including Maurice Clemmons, long before the tragedy of Sunday happened. You will be shocked at what you hear.

We also interview one of the “Tea Party” founders to discuss their views about government and President Obama.

Of course, tonight is the President’s speech on his new plan for Afghanistan and we will bring you the details and analysis!

If ever there was a day to serve justice, today is that day – on The Norman Goldman Show!


One Response

  1. Dear Mr. Goldmann:

    Please explain reconciliation for us.

    Please explain if the “once in a year” requirement for reconciliation refers to a “calendar year”, an”actual year” or “some other” kind of year.

    Please explain, given my understanding of the “use history”, why they can’t just ignore that requirement.

    Reconciliation was reported used by Obama for health care reform in March 2010. On the face, it would appear that he couldn’t use it again until March 2011. But, then again, he used it for health care legislation where the rules limit use strictly to budget legislation. Where’s the love?


    Joe Cason

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