This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

John Fugelsang joins Steph in the NYC Bureau for all three hours of “Fridays With Fugelsang.”

Christian Weller, Professor of Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, calls in at 7:05am to update us on the economy and bank bonuses.

Lt. Dan Choi of calls in at 8:05am to give us an update on the first week of the federal Prop. 8 trial in CA.

Aid workers hoping to distribute food, water and other supplies to a Port-au-Prince are warning their efforts may need more security Friday as Haitians grow increasingly desperate and impatient for help. UN peacekeepers patrolling the capital said people’s anger is rising that aid hasn’t been distributed quickly, and the Brazilian military warned aid convoys to add security to guard against looting.

President Obama and congressional Dems stand within days if not hours of striking final deals on historic health care legislation after key labor unions won concessions and pledged their support. “We are on the doorstep of accomplishing something that Washington has been talking about since Teddy Roosevelt was president, and that is reforming health care and health insurance here in America,” Obama told House Dems on yesterday during a visit to the Capitol.

The Obama administration is considering a criminal trial in DC for the Gitmo detainee suspected of planning the bombing of a Bali nightclub, a plan that would bring one of the world’s most notorious terrorism suspects just steps from the U.S. Capitol.


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