Today On The Norman Goldman Show

Today is the one year anniversary of the President’s stimulus bill signing. Has justice been done? The politics of this are disgraceful and hilarious – simultaneously!

Toyota is now seeing the federal government get tough with it – for once! I’ll have the details!

And, am I wrong for being mad at Harry Reid and the President over not getting the big things done? Things like health insurance reform and bank re-regulation? I have taken a lot of heat for giving the President and Harry Reid heat – and I have gotten a lot of support! I am just speaking my mind and want you to do the same, today and every day, where justice is served – The Norman Goldman Show!



Today On The Norman Goldman Show

The banks need a serious dose of justice served on them – and we do that today! Bank spending on bribing our elected officials – pardon me – “lobbying” – is way up this year.

Senate gridlock has forced out Evan Bayh (D-In) and he is now saying what we have been saying all along – the Senate is broken – and the rules need re-writing. Will the Senate do what WE need them to do, or will they continue playing THEIR games at OUR expense?

The President has announced huge taxpayer subsidies for nuclear power. Where’s the “magic of the marketplace” and where are the Republicans to bash this profligate spending of taxpayer dollars?

We bang away for justice every day – right here – where justice is served – The Norman Goldman Show!


Today On The Norman Goldman Show

Will justice be served today in the Massachusetts Senate race? It is coming down to the wire and we are on LIVE when the polls close in Massachusetts! We will have results up-to-the-second and your comments as it happens!

We also discovered more reasons – today – to prosecute George W. Bush: He had the FBI spying on us illegally and massively through creation of nonexistent “emergencies” in order to obtain phone records. What a disgrace! Will justice be served? We’ll bring you the story.

One aspect of the health insurance debate that has been largely overlooked is that the President has created a situation where we Democrats are fighting amongst ourselves. Instead of uniting us by fighting for what is right, the President has divided his base and that is hurting him and us everywhere.

And why is there STILL no talk of busting the filibuster? It is maddening to see this silly talk of “filibuster-proof” majorities when Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson hold the process hostage in order to be “the 60th vote”.

Today On The Norman Goldman Show

Yesterday’s show was radio at its best! The callers took “interactivity” to new heights – and that’s a good thing! If you missed any part of the show, please podcast it (for free) at!

Today, we will cover the big topics we did not get to yesterday – and if there are any big stories today – aside from, of course, Haiti – we will cover them!

The President wants to tax the banks – what’s he been waiting for?

There is a new deal with unions to NOT heavily tax “Cadillac plans” – I’ll bring you the details and my take!

Colorado WAS Democratic – now is turning back Republican – why? I’ll give you my analysis and would love to hear yours!

The Proposition 8 gay marriage trial goes forward in San Francisco, with some interesting testimony. I’ll bring you my “Senior Legal Analyst” view!

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