About AM1090

AM1090 is a Progressive Talk Radio Station located in Seattle Washington featuring Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Ron Reagan, Mike Malloy and others. Listen online, download podcasts, find out how to live green and much more!! For more information about Seattle’s Progressive Talk, AM1090 check out www.am1090seattle.com.


10 Responses

  1. Dear 1090!
    How could you? T,Boone Pickens, Mr.Swiftboat himself, why give this slimy character airtime, is it because his money is green? Again, how could you!
    I scream everytime I hear him and immediately turn your station off. The “man” who funded the swiftboaters!
    How about some principles(!!) at 1090, simply refuse to accept anouncement like his; I expected more of you, shame on you 1090!
    Elsa Wilson

  2. well…..then mr. pickens must be a recent convert, listening to AM 1090 on-line! 😎

  3. Why is my computers cpu being maxed out during the commercials when listening to AM1090???

    I am using the play.it radio player link provided on the am1090 web site. During certain commercials, my computer locks up and the cpu maxes out to 100%.

    These commercials include but are not limited to the following: match.com, lending tree.com, targetspot.com, esurance.com, orbitz.com. I literally can’t even type during these commercials and I have to wait for them to end to continue my work.

    Is there any way around this or another web site that I can use to listen to am1090??

  4. Im not sure why you carry Washington State’s Cougar Sports.. I thought this was a progressive talk station,, but often your programming is interrupted by games, coaches shows etc. It always happens just when I am really interested in the topic . Then suddenly its a coach’s show. I turn the radio off and usually will not listen for a few days because I am afraid that it will happen again on my drive home from work.
    I know it is revenue, but you are taking it at the risk of losing your truly loyal listeners.

  5. What’s going on with the Nova M folks — Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy? Why does your website still list them as part of your daily line-up when they aren’t?

    And PS — I agree about the Cougar shows. I can get sports on numerous other radio stations. When I’m listening to your station it’s because I want to hear about politics.

  6. where is Randi????? your commercial messages are ironic for progressives – you are conning your listeners – these messages speak to low information listeners – shame on you.

  7. I too am frustrated and pissed off at your constant scheduling changes. Where’s Mike Malloy tonight? Cougar sports are on instead. Why are we being subjected to sports programs that can be heard on a zillion other stations?

    I appreciate that 1090 exists, I really do! But it seems that you are falling victim to the tactics that are pushing other progressive stations off the air – scheduling changes, non-progressive programming, etc. etc. What can we do to stop this?

  8. Why does air america fade out by 6-7:pm. Where is Rand, where is Mike at 9pm? How do we find out?

  9. I was listening this morning and heard an ad for the yes on the bag fee that Seattle voters will get a chance to vote on in August. I was surprised since it is common knowledge that the campaign is being funded by big oil money and the chemical council.

    Is it possible that I am more informed or more concerned than your ad salesman?

  10. Agree with comments about Cougars. My daughter is an alumnae, but I could care less about their football failures and even less than that about basketball. I am a fairly active sports fan, but I go to another station when I want sports talk. I listen most of the day except 12-3, can’t stand bombstic, self promoting, sometimes rude, “progressive” version of Rush Limpball. Also is Mike M’s gratuitious swearing necessary?, it deteracts from, often, important points.
    Perchance we could replay Stephanie in the afternoon and Thom after Randi.

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